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Message: Hi I trust this email finds you well. Sending bulk E-Mails or newsletters is unarguably very expensive and most newsletter sending services will charge you depending on your email list or total E-Mails sent which can land you with a hefty bill. This is what motivated us to create the most revolutionary bulk email software on the market. How about if I told you that you can now send as many free E-Mails or newsletters as you want for life to whoever you like? Whether you want to send out a 100 or 10 million E-Mails to your email list, the CBT Mass Email Sender can tailor to all email sending needs, no matter the size. Moreover, this is all free. That's right, there are no subscriptions or hidden charges. Pay once for the software and use it as much as you want for life. The bulk email sender can send E-Mails in three different ways: 1) custom SMTP relays (supports SMTP rotation); 2) direct DNS sending (example send E-Mails from coffee shops or any other private or public IP/wifi) or 3) send E-Mails through private and public proxies. Core Features Automatic email list cleaning – removes bounced E-Mails from your email list Easy-to-Use HTML editor for creating your message Spintax supported – generate unique messages through spintax IP reputation warmer feature: increase the total E-Mails sent over time incrementally to warm up your IP sender reputation and benefit from a high inbox rate Filters: do not send your email to more than one company email or E-Mails longer than X characters Short URLs: generate unique short URLs for your main link inside the email to avoid blacklists Send test E-Mails to yourself to see how the message looks High Inbox Rate Remove unsubscribers automatically The software is very intuitive and well-documented and is already helping many start-up companies to save money and generate leads for their business. To learn more about the software, I welcome you to check out the following pages: Core Features: How it Works (Tutorials): Thanks for your time and I hope that this software will change the way you do your email marketing. Kind regards Maybelle Wester