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Message: Hello My name is Karina and I am the affiliate manager for a selection of well-known brands. I am presently working with Peaches and Screams, one of the leading online lingerie and sex shops. I have conducted a detailed analysis of and can see that your site's audience would be a great fit for Peaches and Screams. Recently, one of your competitors has made a monthly affiliate income of over $10,000 which demonstrates the potential of your site. I would like to offer you to monetise your site by promoting Peaches and Screams on and your social media channels. Once you register, you will receive a unique link and when someone makes a purchase on Peaches and Screams via that link, you would earn a commission from that customer for life. According to our survey, 8/10 adults use or have used sex toys at some point in their lives and 5/10 adults are not afraid to discuss their sex lives. This opens up a very large target audience that could open up a profitable stream of passive income for your business. We operate our affiliate program by invitation only. I have already pre-approved for our affiliate program. To learn more and register, please head to Please note that soon we will be closing our affiliate program to new applicants in order to dedicate more time to the management and support of our affiliates. Do not miss this window of opportunity. I look forward to having you on the team! Best wishes Karina Jung